Business proposal

   An independent all-Ukrainian periodical edition - the magazine "Made in Ukraine" - makes its aim an adequate representation and an effective spreading of an information about technologies, goods and services of home enterprises, activization of a home market and the Ukrainian goods advancement to the foreign countries. The subjects of the magazine are diverse. The articles about some successful projects executed nowadays are of special interest.
      The magazine publishes the authors' articles and other materials in a popular form, written by the professionals who work in corresponding fields of industry, science and business.
      The magazine "MADE IN UKRAINE" was presented at various exhibitions in Germany, Denmark, Iraq, etc.
      The magazine "MADE IN UKRAINE" is published in Russian, Ukrainian and English.
      The magazine "MADE IN UKRAINE" is a showcase for ukrainian manufacturer.
      The circulation of the magazine is 10000 copies.

The distribution of the magazine is special:

  1. to the subscribers of the magazine (including the foreign representatives and the foreign companies offices);
  2. to the participants and visitors of the exhibitions of different fields in Ukraine, Russia and other countries of the Independent community as well as the nearest and distant foreign countries; 
  3. to the addressees which were indicated by the clients (the directory is constantly replenished and corrected);
  4. an address delivery to the first persons of the regional, municipal and district administrations;
  5. an address delivery to the first persons of the enterprises;
  6. on the airlines of Ukraine, the countries of the Independent community and the distant foreign countries.

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